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FESPixelate Symbol pattern
fespixelate, pixel, pixelate, pixelation, tiles, mosaic, squares, square, movieclip, movie, clip, image, symbol, fes The pattern applies "pixelate" transitions to the selected object.
FESSquareLight Symbol pattern
fessquarelight, squarelight, square, squares, pixel, pixelate, pixelation, brightness, scale, puzzle, mosaic, alpha, fade, fading, bitmap, movieclip, symbol, movie, clip, image, fes This pattern applies flash transitions using scaling squares and light effect, similar to a burning brightness effect.
FEFAscii Filter pattern
fefascii, ascii, mosaic, square, squares, puzzle, image, photo, picture, filter, fef The pattern creates ASCII effects, representing the target display object by square characters.

FEFHexCell Filter pattern
fefhexcell, hexcell, hexagon, hex, cell, cells, filter, tiling, mosaic, puzzle, image, photo, picture, fef It's a Pixel Bender based filter for tiling with regular hexagons the target display object.

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