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FETWavingLines Text pattern
fetwavinglines, wavinglines, text, water, wave, waving, dream, memory, lines, alpha, dynamic, liquid, fold, greetings, fet The pattern applies water-like waving transitions on lines.
FESBlurSquare Symbol pattern
fesblursquare, blursquare, squares, square, alpha, blur, wave, waving, waves, water, flying, motion, movement, puzzle, image, movieclip, movie, clip, symbol, best, cool, fes The pattern divides the clip into squares and then generates transitions square by square, using alpha and blur effects, resulting an effect resembling the waves generated by a boat.
FESWhirl Symbol pattern
feswhirl, wave, waving, waves, whirl, swirl, water, ocean, sea, spin, spinning, symbol, image, movie, clip, movieclip, fes The pattern creates transitions with a whirl-like effect based on the color mode of the DisplacementMapFilter.

FEFWaterReflection Filter pattern
fefwaterreflection, waterreflection, reflect, reflection, wave, waves, waving, water, bitmap, filter, moving, motion, movement, realistic, ripple, underwater, waterfall, mirror, ocean, sea, cool, fef The pattern applies a reflection with a waving water effect on the target clip.

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