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FETChasingWords Text pattern
fetchasingwords, chasingwords, text, motion, blur, chase, track, follow, following, run, running, appear, dynamic, glow, glowing, flow, wind, font, line, word, slide, sliding, movement, website, websites, ad, ads, advertising, fet Creates transitions with word groups based on X and Y scaling with motion blur.
FETFallAndGlow Text pattern
fetfallandglow, fallandglow, text, glow, glowing, falling, random, fall, appear, best, bubble, bubbles, letter, character, cool, flow, font, gravity, banner, website, websites, intro, matrix, rain, raining, shine, shining, shiny, ad, ads, advertising, greetings, fet, love, down, christmas Creates transitions with random group based alpha and glow filters plus vertical falling movement.
FETStationPanels Text pattern
fetstationpanels, stationpanels, text, station, panel, display, screen, flow, character, letter, fall, fet The pattern brings the vision of airport and train station panels or displays.

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