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FETScrollSlideGlow Text pattern
fetscrollslideglow, scrollslideglow, text, scrolling, scroll, glow, glowing, gradual, slide, mask, alpha, fade, out, in, appear, line, word, character, letter, aura, blinking, font, glare, glossy, greetings, fet Creates scrolling text effects based on a glow filter and uses a mask to create a gradual appearance for the text.
FEFDropShadow Filter pattern
fefdropshadow, dropshadow, shadow, drop, aura, blur, filter, color, best, outline, ad, ads, advertising, fef The pattern lets you add a drop shadow filter to the target display object.
FEFAura Filter pattern
fefaura, aura, shadow, glow, blur, motion, movement, rotating, rolling, rotation, rotate, filter, outline, fef Not only human creations have aura. The filter pattern applies an aura-like effect around the target display object.

FEFGlow Filter pattern
fefglow, glow, glowing, glare, radiance, aura, shadow, shine, shining, filter, best, outline, fef The pattern applies a glow effect to the target display object.
FEFGradientGlow Filter pattern
fefgradientglow, gradientglow, glow, gradient, glowing, glare, radiance, aura, shadow, shine, shining, filter, outline, fef The pattern applies a gradient glow effect to the target display object.

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