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FESPhoto Symbol pattern
fesphoto, camera, photo, snapshot, shutter, alpha, fade, fading, mask, picture, image, pictures, polaroid, movieclip, movie, clip, symbol, greetings, photography, fes The pattern makes the selected object appear or disappear like a photo snapshot.
FESReveal Symbol pattern
fesreveal, reveal, blur, clarity, lens, focus, revealing, appear, circle, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, image, ad, ads, advertising, greetings, photography, fes, love The pattern reveals the target clip in a similar manner as an artistic painting in a gallery.
FEFVignette Filter pattern
fefvignette, vignette, filter, transparent, transparency, black, white, photography, fef, fog The pattern gives a vignette-like effect to the target display object.

FEFBlurVignette Filter pattern
fefblurvignette, blurvignette, blur, vignette, filter, blurry, greetings, photography, fef, fog The pattern gives a vignette-like effect to the target display object based on blur filter.

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