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FETParticle Text pattern
fetparticle, text, particle, particles, spark, sparks, sparkle, sparkling, random, break, bubble, bubbles, bullet, explode, explosion, firework, fireworks, best, ad, ads, advertising, particle, fet, christmas The pattern creates effects with emitted small particles around the target text.
FESSparkle Symbol pattern
fessparkle, spark, sparks, sparkle, sparkling, magic, particle, particles, slide, explode, explosion, image, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, cool, greetings, fes, christmas The pattern shows or hides the target clip with a sparkling effect based on magic sparkling particles.
FESSquareExplode Symbol pattern
fessquareexplode, squareexplode, explosion, square, explode, squares, particle, particles, bitmap, break, symbol, movieclip, image, movie, clip, fes The pattern healps you re-create the phases of an explosion, with small particles flying into pieces.

FEFRomanticGlow Filter pattern
fefromanticglow, romanticglow, romantic, glow, particle, blur, particles, flying, levitate, bubble, bubbles, bullet, snow, snowdrift, star, stardust, stars, galaxy, filter, greetings, fef, love, christmas The pattern can be used to generate an ideal, soothing and romantic effect based on small flying colored particles and glow filter.

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