FlashEff2 | Online panel

This panel is full functional and can be used to browse and customize effects. To be able to copy the AS3.0 code or the effect's XML, please log in using your JumpeyeComponents.com account.
The level of access is restricted for the type of license that you have.
The "Copy code" button will deliver AS3.0 code to be used with FlashEff 2.0 Flex version.

Key features

High-Quality Patterns
Over 100 effect patterns, each of them enabling you to achieve...

Show/Hide Effects
FlashEff has been such a success
so far mainly due to its high...

Text Effects
The main purpose of FlashEff is
to improve the way text...

Symbol Effects
These effects treat the entire
object (symbol or text) as a...

Video tutorials

Quick overview
Step by step through the most important features of the component.

What's new in FlashEff2
Find out what's new and hot in the ultimate FlashEff version component.

Getting started
Full video tutorial that helps you start using FlashEff 2.0

Use filters
A short tutorial that shows exactly how FlashEff 2.0 Filters...

This is an online replica of the FlashEff2 Panel (Premium Plus). You can see how easy it is to choose your desired effects, browse all patterns, all effects and make your own custom settings in just a few clicks. You can do mostly everything that you could do from the FlashEff2 Panel inside Adobe Flash CS5/CS4/CS3.

Note that the Flash panel will have some limitations when using a different version of FlashEff2 other than Premium Plus.

Free version

Commercial versions