Includes the FlashEff 2.0 component for Flash and the default preset for each pattern (100+).

No customizations.
No support.

The free version can be fully used for trial purposes. For commercial purpose you will need to get a commercial license (single-user or multi-user).


Includes the FlashEff Nano component - especially developed for banner ads.
Only 20 transition patterns (10 text and 10 symbol).

Edit/Customize effects. Support included. More
New AdWords compatible


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Includes the FlashEff 2.0 component, the light pack, the code component, over 3000 presets based on 120+ patterns.

No effect editing!
Support included.


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Premium Plus

Includes the FlashEff 2.0 component, the light pack, the code component, all FlashEff Premium presets (3000+), 120+ transition patterns including Filter and Button patterns.

Edit/Customize/Save all effects.
Support included.

Additionally you get the AdWords compatible FlashEff Nano pack and the FlashEff Flex pack.


Non-commercial licenses

You should get the Non-commercial license ONLY if you are going to use this product for non-commercial projects. If you plan to use this product to create content for a website/project that will generate ANY type of income, you should get a commercial license instead (Eg. Single-user license.)

Single-user commercial licenses

You should get a commercial license if you are going to use FlashEff for any kind of commercial projects.

The Single-user license can be used by one single developer on single computer (Mac or PC).

Multi-user commercial licenses

The Multi-user license is available for commercial purpose and it can be used by any number of developers on any number of computers (Mac or PC) within an organization (companies, educational, governmental and non-governmental institutions).

Inside the pack

The FlashEff 2.0 MXP installer
The FlashEff 2.0 Light (in mxp)
The FlashEff 2.0 Code (in mxp)
Quick Guide
Complete Manual
ActionScript Usage Guide
Tutorials with sample files

What can be done using FlashEff?

  1. Build in, build out objects (images, movie clips, text) in seconds. These animations are especially useful for intros, banners and headers, but they can also be easily used in dynamic applications.
  2. Create animated interactive buttons starting from a single visual element. Then, using a single command, add trigger actions to make it work without coding.
  3. Perform commands and trigger actions on any event such as rollOver, press or doubleClick, transition Start and transitionEnd.
  4. Add static or animated filters to any visual object within Flash CS5/CS4/CS3.
  5. Most of the patterns can be combined to create complex animated objects.


IDE Version: Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Flash CS5
Action Script Version: AS3.0 only
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 9+
(a few new patterns only work in FP10).
Note: FlashEff 2.0 Flex works in both Flex Builder 3 and Flex/Flash Builder 4.

Get the Flex pack separately | $99 only

FlashEff 2.0 Flex pack is also sold separately (Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder CS4). This is good news for all those who want to have cool animations/effects right into their Flex based flash sites without hassle, however it requires a little more than basic coding skills.

General features

High-Quality Patterns

Over 100 effect patterns, each of them enabling you to achieve a certain type of effects by tweaking its advanced settings.

Most patterns are so complex that you won't even assume that their various resulted effects should be part of the same family.

With FlashEff2 you also get over 3000 preset effects, so you don't have to deal with pattern settings all the time.

Custom Tweening

Change tween type, easing equation, and duration.

Most effects can be radically and dramatically modified just by changing their tweening type or by simply using a different easing equation.

Tweak Effects

Edit the settings of each pattern individually to create your desired effect from scratch. It takes a little to find the right settings, but it brings uniqueness to your animations.

Show/Hide Effects

FlashEff has been such a success so far mainly due to its high quality show/hide effects and to the ease of use that these transitions bring.

Normally it would take hours or days - not to mention the skill needed - just to build a complex build in and out transition that FlashEff does in seconds.

Many major media agencies around the world are using these effects due to the high-quality and cost-effective results that they generate.

Text Effects

The main purpose of FlashEff is to improve the way text appears and looks within a Flash movie.

This is why we've developed about 70 patterns especially for TextFields.

Using FlashEff with TextFields is very easy and it will allow you to create complex animations on words, letters and lines.

The text effects will only work on TextFields.

Partial Text Effects

Create show/hide effects on text only on specific or random groups, such as lines, words or even characters.

An advanced setting that allows you to make truly unique text effects in seconds!

Symbol Effects

These effects treat the entire object (symbol or text) as a whole.

They can be applied on movie clips and text to enable the kind of transitions we started to deliver with the MCTE a few years ago.


Apply static or animated (loop) filters on objects.

Filters work either individually, or together with show/hide transition effects for any given object.

Button Mode

Introduced with FlashEff version 1, the Button mode was a real hit.

We didn't know exactly how to sell this feature since it was such a new concept, and no one was using this kind of approach before.

Button Commands

Once you created a button with the Button mode, you will need to assign it some actions - like following an URL, calling a function or going to a different frame - whenever it gets clicked. There is no coding involved, no event listeners to write whatsoever.

Important for web
apps. | OEM license

If you need to embed FlashEff2 in an app that allows users (3rd party / non-FlashEff customers) to edit and create their own customized content, you have to get an OEM license instead of a developer/site license.

New in FlashEff 2.0

Live preview

In-panel feature that allows you to see a small preview of the effect while setting it up.

Thumbnail preview

In-panel feature that allows you to browse through patterns and their presets and find your desired effect in a matter of seconds.

Advanced Copy/Paste

You can simply Copy and Paste all effects on an object or just those that you need. Very useful to clone effects from a project to another or from an object to another.

Advanced Commands

You are now able to use FlashEff commands not only on Buttons but on Show/Hide transitions too, triggered by transitionStart or transitionEnd events.

Effect Presets

We hired the best visual designers to create a collection of over 3000 effect presets for you.

They are organized by patterns, but each pattern has virtually no limitations.

The easiest way to find the effect that you need: just browse the effect presets.

If you have the Premium Plus version you can tweak the settings of each preset and make it perfect for your needs.

Save Custom Effects

Available only for Premium Plus users, this feature allows you to save your own presets to extend your effects library. This way you can use them over and over in different projects.

New Button mode

This will change the way we make buttons in Flash, forever.

Now you can make animated interactive buttons out of any static symbol with just a click.

The old Button mode is rebuilt from scratch based on your precious feedback.

Improved Filter effects

The first version of FlashEff launched a filter concept.

However, it was a little buggy and had some troubles on large scale movies.

It also did not worked well together with show/hide transitions on the same object.

We managed to fix these bugs. Now everything works smoother, faster and better.

Flash Player 10 patterns

We've made a few beta patterns based on the new FP10 class library.

These patterns are marked with yellow. To view them, your animations will need FP10.

However, they will not break in FP9 and allow your flash movie to run.

FlashEff2 Light pack

This pack includes FlashEff2 Filter, FlashEff2 Button, FlashEff2 ShowHide, FlashEff2 ShowHideSymbol.

When you only need to use a few features of FlashEff2, you can use an optimized light component instead of the full FlashEff2 component.

FlashEff2 Code component

You will need this component to make FlashEff effects purely from ActionScript.

It includes all the classes that are normally imported by the FlashEff2 panel during the setting of an effect. About 7KB larger than the FlashEff2 component. (Approx. identical in size with FlashEff v1)

Better TweenLite performance

We have partnered with TweenLite to make FlashEff2 perfect.

This extraordinary tweening engine has improved the quality and performance of FlashEff2 by over 50%.

Size and quality

We have reduced the file size of the FlashEff2 component to just 19KB (FlashEff1 was 26KB). The overall visual quality and processor performance was improved in most patterns.

100% beginner proof

Moreover, now FlashEff can be used by anyone who wants to make high-quality flash effects and who knows very little about Flash.