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FETParticle Text pattern
fetparticle, text, particle, particles, spark, sparks, sparkle, sparkling, random, break, bubble, bubbles, bullet, explode, explosion, firework, fireworks, best, ad, ads, advertising, particle, fet, christmas The pattern creates effects with emitted small particles around the target text.
FESSquareExplode Symbol pattern
fessquareexplode, squareexplode, explosion, square, explode, squares, particle, particles, bitmap, break, symbol, movieclip, image, movie, clip, fes The pattern healps you re-create the phases of an explosion, with small particles flying into pieces.
FES3DCamSquareFocus Symbol pattern
fes3dcamsquarefocus, 3dcamsquarefocus, square, squares, fade, fading, blur, 3d, focus, pieces, broken, puzzle, explode, bitmap, break, rotation, rotating, rotate, perspective, image, movieclip, movie, clip, symbol, fes This pattern allows you to divide the selected object in little squares and place them in a 3D space, at different distances from the "camera", followed by an impressive 3D movement of the squares.

FESExplodePixel Symbol pattern
fesexplodepixel, explodepixel, explosion, squares, blur, scale, explode, square, break, image, symbol, movie, clip, movieclip, fes, chaos The pattern creates transitions with a bombastic explosion effect.

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