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FETSpinningGenie Text pattern
fetspinninggenie, spinninggenie, text, spiral, rotate, rotating, blur, scale, genie, ghost, character, line, lines, word, letter, motion, movement, dynamic, spin, spinning, swirl, wave, waving, greetings, fet The pattern creates spinning groups with smooth scale and blur motion.
FETSpiral Text pattern
fetspiral, text, spiral, rotate, rotation, rotating, blur, motion, moving, movement, rolling, spin, spinning, wave, waving, waves, wind, fet The pattern creates spiral and rotating transitions with added motion blur and scale.
FETSpiralNo2 Text pattern
fetspiralno2, spiralno2, text, spiral, rotate, rotation, rotating, blur, motion, offset, movement, fall, falling, dynamic, wave, waves, waving, spin, spinning, wind, gravity, fet The pattern creates spiral and rotating transitions with added motion blur, scale and position offset.

FETElasticScale Text pattern
fetelasticscale, elasticscale, text, blur, elastic, scale, spiral, bounce, bouncing, dynamic, wave, waves, waving, fet Creates transitions with an elastic motion based on scale and blur filters.
FESMultipleFlip Symbol pattern
fesmultipleflip, multipleflip, spiral, wave, waves, waving, stripe, stripes, flip, flipping, 3d, amazing, blind, blinds, line, lines, bar, bars, dynamic, flying, mask, masking, motion, movement, rotate, rotating, rotation, spin, spinning, image, movieclip, movie, clip, symbol, cool, fes The pattern creates waving, spiral-like, multiple 3D flip effects on the target object.

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