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FESAlpha Symbol pattern
fesalpha, alpha, fade, fading, in, out, mask, transparency, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, simple, banner, header, logo, website, websites, background, image, images, gallery, picture, pictures, reveal, easy, best, ad, ads, advertising, fes The pattern applies alpha transitions to the selected object using simple alpha transparency masks.
FESAlphaBars Symbol pattern
fesalphabars, alphabars, bar, bars, alpha, transparency, mask, stripes, stripe, fade, fading, in, out, reveal, image, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, fes Performs transitions using vertical and horizontal alpha transparency bars.
FEFVignette Filter pattern
fefvignette, vignette, filter, transparent, transparency, black, white, photography, fef, fog The pattern gives a vignette-like effect to the target display object.

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