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FEFGradientBevel Filter pattern
fefgradientbevel, gradientbevel, bevel, beveling, 3d, emboss, gradient, border, inner, shadow, frame, image, photo, picture, filter, outline, fef This pattern applies a gradient bevel effect to the target display object, which gives it a three-dimensional look.
FEFRoundedMask Filter pattern
fefroundedmask, roundedmask, rounded, mask, masking, corners, frame, border, stroke, image, photo, picture, filter, fef This pattern applies a rounded corners mask on the target clip.
FEFBevel Filter pattern
fefbevel, bevel, 3d, beveling, emboss, border, inner shadow, frame, image, photo, picture, filter, outline, fef The pattern generates a bevel effect on the selected object, which gives it a three-dimensional look.

FEFBorder Filter pattern
fefborder, border, frame, bordering, framing, banner, filter, outline, ad, ads, advertising, fef The pattern attaches a customizable border to the target clip.

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