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FETStationPanels Text pattern
fetstationpanels, stationpanels, text, station, panel, display, screen, flow, character, letter, fall, fet The pattern brings the vision of airport and train station panels or displays.
FETWigiligi Text pattern
fetwigiligi, wigiligi, text, fade, in, out, shake, shaking, blur, random, tv, screen, vibrate, vibration, earthquake, agitate, bounce, bouncing, fet The pattern applies transitions with a chaotic shaking effect like the text on the screen after a brief power outage.
FESBadTransmission Symbol pattern
fesbadtransmission, badtransmission, bad, tv, screen, transmission, television, noise, noisy, flicker, flickering, electric, electricity, old, image, movieclip, movie, clip, symbol, fes This pattern allows you to play with your clip and create a bad transmission-like effect, like those you find in the ol' days of television.

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