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Use this forum to discuss any issues regarding FlashEff 2.0 version. (currently last version) 
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FlashEff2 doesn't work with TLF text field in Flash CS5

by negush
7,5041512/23/2013 08:56AM
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Import path for FlashEff2 patterns.

by Ionut
7,9052405/31/2011 12:05PM
Last Post by kneo

FlashEff2 component is missing from Components Panel after installation

by florodebat
3,753102/18/2011 03:20PM
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How to embed a font in CS5

by kneo
2,740102/18/2011 11:08AM
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by Ionut
6,827307/12/2010 07:39AM
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Buttons too link to another Scene?

by user1149086
21108/19/2014 09:28PM
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FlashEFF works with CS6 ?

by user451785
1,625707/23/2014 02:50PM
Last Post by user1623012

Unwanted Rectangle showing in swf playback HELP!

by user1620581
75107/02/2014 05:39AM
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Flasheff ads keep getting rejected in DFP

by user1617147
102206/04/2014 08:40AM
Last Post by kneo

Could I use dinamic text with your text effects?

by user1617789
110206/04/2014 08:38AM
Last Post by kneo

watermark over Flasheff2 Premium Pro

by user1613995
213306/04/2014 08:37AM
Last Post by kneo

embedding link in banner ad turn off all animation

by user431091
243206/04/2014 08:36AM
Last Post by kneo

The flash text effect is overlapping the textfield if you apply it more than once

by user1527786
241304/14/2014 01:51PM
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flasheff2 panel just spinning forever

by captainjon
174304/14/2014 01:11PM
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Make gallery using flash eff

by user1593706
190204/14/2014 01:11PM
Last Post by kneo

Flash Eff Effects Distorted in IE

by user1598578
483212/20/2013 09:18AM
Last Post by kneo

Flash Animation

by user1592928
514110/20/2013 06:04AM
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Flasheff For Flash cc

by user1140681
1,811710/15/2013 12:25PM
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Does Flash IDE TextField Filters works with FlashEff2?

by taurianthebull
459210/09/2013 03:06PM
Last Post by kneo

optimize hangs flash CS4

by waltenstein
1,502610/09/2013 03:03PM
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Flasheff logo, presets failure and dozens of problems

by user1587592
469210/09/2013 02:58PM
Last Post by kneo

Extension Install Problem

by user1590941
482210/09/2013 02:51PM
Last Post by kneo

Can FlashEff Filters work with mouseover & mouseout

by user1282691
420109/13/2013 08:08AM
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buy single user license & upgrade to multi user license.

by user1586272
422209/05/2013 11:11AM
Last Post by kneo

Text Pattern reverts to different preset

by user1580680
437208/14/2013 02:47PM
Last Post by kneo

Show Delay not working after loop

by user1580680
587308/04/2013 09:32AM
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Can't make showDelay to work with FETAlpha

by dududucon
1,237308/04/2013 09:29AM
Last Post by user1580680

Library not loading

by user1121361
442207/25/2013 12:28PM
Last Post by kneo

FlashEff always makes my symbol move slightly when effect is complete

by user1113916
526207/25/2013 12:26PM
Last Post by kneo

where is watermark on swf in free Version ?

by user1227016
658407/25/2013 12:22PM
Last Post by kneo

About a button effect

by user1572609
508205/29/2013 02:26PM
Last Post by kneo

does have flasheff 2 have typewritter effect?

by user1568164
547205/29/2013 02:24PM
Last Post by kneo

Complex tools in flash??? o_0

by user1574087
619205/29/2013 02:02PM
Last Post by kneo

frames instead seconds

by user465843
651204/26/2013 11:40AM
Last Post by kneo

Applying Tween with code

by user1538896
702203/21/2013 12:04PM
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