FlashEff 2.0

Use this forum to discuss any issues regarding FlashEff 2.0 version. (currently last version) 
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by Ionut
7,805504/25/2015 08:53AM
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FlashEff2 doesn't work with TLF text field in Flash CS5

by negush
8,8261512/23/2013 08:56AM
Last Post by omanhi

Import path for FlashEff2 patterns.

by Ionut
8,9582405/31/2011 12:05PM
Last Post by kneo

FlashEff2 component is missing from Components Panel after installation

by florodebat
4,676102/18/2011 03:20PM
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How to embed a font in CS5

by kneo
3,437102/18/2011 11:08AM
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Flasheff2 install issues

by user880726
37108/25/2015 06:45PM
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Export to HTML5

by milsou2
71108/17/2015 07:56AM
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For Download: Preset ActionScript Generator

by TerryG
3,5031308/10/2015 12:59PM
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Flash Professional CC

by user1162391
285106/18/2015 02:30AM
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Text effects not working

by user885841
1,673406/06/2015 10:40AM
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Different layers - Different Filters? Doesn't work!

by user1325201
1,491505/09/2015 06:23AM
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Flasheff For Flash cc

by user1140681
4,036904/17/2015 09:40AM
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the component never hide

by EmilioAlanis
489102/19/2015 05:36PM
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FlashEff 2.0 for Flash CC 2014

by user1580395
600102/13/2015 09:22AM
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FLASHEFF2 ERROR: Target must be a non-null DisplayObject?

by user1630459
527102/03/2015 07:31PM
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how to change color for some efx?

by user1629912
726301/10/2015 10:13AM
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Pixelated Text in HD

by user1581492
596112/05/2014 10:24PM
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Flash Movie Conversion

by thora
677111/13/2014 12:45AM
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HIDE Text Effect

by user1630459
666211/11/2014 02:56PM
Last Post by kneo

Flash Eff 2 Panel is empty

by Santhosht
623211/11/2014 02:54PM
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by user1629778
656210/14/2014 12:51PM
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multiple instances

by thora
727309/09/2014 10:02PM
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AS3 Coding Queries: Custom Textfields + Flasheff2?

by user438365
789109/02/2014 09:20PM
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FlashEFF works with CS6 ?

by user451785
2,699809/02/2014 12:05PM
Last Post by kneo

Buttons too link to another Scene?

by user1149086
786209/02/2014 12:02PM
Last Post by kneo

Unwanted Rectangle showing in swf playback HELP!

by user1620581
799107/02/2014 05:39AM
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Flasheff ads keep getting rejected in DFP

by user1617147
814206/04/2014 08:40AM
Last Post by kneo

Could I use dinamic text with your text effects?

by user1617789
777206/04/2014 08:38AM
Last Post by kneo

watermark over Flasheff2 Premium Pro

by user1613995
966306/04/2014 08:37AM
Last Post by kneo

embedding link in banner ad turn off all animation

by user431091
1,047206/04/2014 08:36AM
Last Post by kneo

The flash text effect is overlapping the textfield if you apply it more than once

by user1527786
1,000304/14/2014 01:51PM
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flasheff2 panel just spinning forever

by captainjon
807304/14/2014 01:11PM
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Make gallery using flash eff

by user1593706
885204/14/2014 01:11PM
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Flash Eff Effects Distorted in IE

by user1598578
1,193212/20/2013 09:18AM
Last Post by kneo

Flash Animation

by user1592928
1,363110/20/2013 06:04AM
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