Cross dissolve?

Posted by mikekmikek 
Cross dissolve?
July 10, 2009 08:34PM
Is there a preset I am missing or a way to cross dissolve betwen pictures?
Re: Cross dissolve?
July 13, 2009 10:54AM
You could use Alpha (if by dissolve you mean a crossfade) to hide the current image then to show the next one.
Re: Cross dissolve?
July 13, 2009 12:20PM
Yes, I finally figured it out. Thank you. I posted my entire process for creating a slide show in a reply to the "please at this" thread.
BTW, the process of actually creating a slide show using EFF2.0 might be a good tutorial for you guys to have on your site.
Re: Cross dissolve?
July 13, 2009 01:19PM
I totally agree. A tutorial for this purpose is exactly what I was looking for. How about a tut on multiple images crossfading to the next with a second effect, such as text with effects at the same time?
My $.02
Re: Cross dissolve?
July 13, 2009 03:12PM
I did that too. The text is the easy part, just create another layer like you would in any Flash project and go to work with the effects.
BTW, here in a nutshell is how you do the crossfade:
To get Images that fade in and out of each other, first, put each image on a separate layer. Then look at your frames per second setting. If you have your FPS set to 24, then a 1 sec EFF2.0 alpha SHOW or HIDE will take 24 frames. Therefor as one photo starts its HIDE process, or fades out, you need to have the second one start its SHOW process and fade in.
I set my fps to 25fps (even though its an odd number and wouldn't create even splits, it was good enough) Then I created a layer for the first picture and gave it a timeline of 100 frames (25 frames to fade in (1 sec), 50 frames to stay static (2 second DELAY on HIDE) and 25 frames to HIDE (again, 1 more sec.)). I set a KEYFRAME at frame 2 and placed the picture and made it a movie symbol and then added the EFF2.0 component and set it to SHOW->ALPHA at frame 2, with OPTION->DELAY of 0. Then I created a second layer starting with a keyframe at frame 75 and then did the same procedure of 100 frames for that picture as described above. The key here is that as the first pic starts its fade out at frame 75, the next picture starts its SHOW (fade in) and somewhere, about 12 frames later, they have equal strength. At frame 100, the first pic is gone and the next layer takes over. Again, that procedure can be repeated over and over for as many pictures as you want.
Text should be placed on the uppermost layer.

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