AS3 flipbook

Posted by clairenw 
AS3 flipbook
October 04, 2010 04:59PM
I'd like to use FlashEff in a flipbook. Can anyone recommend an AS3 flipbook which is cheap/free, and ready to go? I've found a few examples, but none seem to include the fla files.

Thanks in advance
Re: AS3 flipbook
October 04, 2010 05:00PM
BTW I'm not too hot at AS3 so I really am looking for a flipbook which I can tweak easily. Ideally one which gives me the option of bringing images (and maybe text) in by xml.

Re: AS3 flipbook
October 05, 2010 11:49AM
I'm not familiar with flash flipbook applications so I can't recommend or suggest to use one in particular, but if you will use flasheff in them and of course they are made in action script 3 it should work properly.

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Re: AS3 flipbook
October 13, 2010 12:43PM
I wouldn't recommend this one: []

It didn't work with FlashEff and the developer (mpc) of the flipbook was unwilling to help :(
Re: AS3 flipbook
August 06, 2012 06:38AM
You can also use this flipbook tool to design flipbook: []
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