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July 14, 2009 02:29PM
I have created this topic to answer the most common question that users have. This list will be updated permanently and after we have enough question we will create a page on www.flashEff.com, until then, the forums will do just fine.

Q: What is FlashEff?
A: FlashEff and FlashEff2 are components (plug-ins) for Adobe Flash.

Q: What version of Flash do I need?
A: You will need Flash CS3 or above. FlashEff requires AS3.

Q: I have FlashEff 2 Premium. Why can't I change parameters in the Panel?
A: FlashEff2 comes in different packages each of them having different limitations. See [www.flasheff.com] for more info.

Q: I installed the .mxp but still can't see the components in the components panel.
A: This issus is ussually caused by the language incompatibilities between Adobe Flash and you operating System. There is a fix to the problem, see: [www.flasheff.com] for more info.

Q: I installed the component and I see it in the components panel but there are only 4 patterns there, why is that?
A: You have opened a AS2 file instead of a AS3 file. Press Ctrl + N (or Command + N if you have a Mac) and create a new AS3 file.

Q: Do I need a permanet internet connection to run FlashEff?
A: Yes. If you are not connected to the internet you'll still be able to use FlashEff Free Version.

Q: I have a strong and good internet connection. However I get the following message : loading error internet connection failed when I try to use FlashEFf panel, why is that?
A: Please make sure that your system firewall allows Flash to access the internet and FlashEff panel will not display that error message anymore.

Q: What happens with our components if our company reaches bankruptcy?
A: In the unlikely event that this might happen we will let FlashEff work offline without any log in information.

Q: I'm using FlashEff to navigate on frames but the target keeps duplicating.
A: This happens when FlashEff doesn't remember it's target references, to avoid this select the component and the target and create a new symbol(F8). More info: [www.flasheff.com]

Q: I have a FlashEff2 button nested in x number of movieclips but FECGoToFrame doesn't seem tot work.
A: The solutions for this problem can be found here, also other questions are answered at same link.

Q: Why am I getting errors when I try to use FlashEff with multiple Flash scenes?
A: We do not recommend using multiple scenes with our components but if you do not have a choice and need to use multiple scenes, this could be a good workaround:

Q: How do I loop a banner created with FlashEff?
A: Please refer to the link to get the latest info on the matter.

Q: How to install a major update of FlashEff?
A: Here is a tutorial: [www.flasheff.com]

Q: The Target textfield's position changes while the animation is playing.
A: This malfunction appears when the target texfield is initially created as a Static textfield then converted to dynamic textfield . To ovoid this problem, the textfield needs to be set as a dynamic textfield before creating it on the stage.

Q: What exactly generates the following error ? TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert flash.display::MovieClip@24bbc1f1 to flash.text.TextField
A: Usually, that error appears when the instance names of the flasheff targets are assigned to other objects from the stage. To get rid of that error you will have to make sure that each object from the stage have unique instance names.

Q: Is it possible to export flasheff animations to mov?
A: Yes, you can do that. Please check the instructions from the link bellow.

Q: I am getting the following message when I try to install FlashEff2: "FlashEff extension can not be installed because it requires Flash 9 or later" What can I do to get rid of it?
A: The above error message always appears when the Extension Manager used to install the component is not compatible with the Flash version you have installed on your machine. To prevent that error you will always have to use an Extension Manager compatible with the Flash Version you own. Example: Adobe Extension Manager CS3 for Flash CS3, Adobe Extension Manager CS4 for Flash CS4 and Adobe Extension Manager CS5 for Flash CS5. You can always download any version of Adobe Extension Manger by clicking here

Q: After installation my FlashEff panel is white, why?
Someone find an answer and a solution to this problem. See this [www.flasheff.com]

This is not the final stage of this F.A.Q. Changes may occur at any time without any warning.

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Re: F.A.Q.
July 12, 2010 05:27AM
I bought eff2 and using it through AS3. I couldn't find available "coding" guidelines for each patterns, effects to get the result like on the your preview panel.

If I set all the patterns and effect on the panel then, how can I tell each movieclips/dynamic text, to show or hide using as3?
Re: F.A.Q.
July 12, 2010 07:39AM

1. Unfortunately we do not have a documentation file for each of the FlashEFf2 effects but we have designed Flasheff2 online panel to provide AS3 code for any configuration. You need to purchase FlashEff2 Premium Plus or Flex version in order to have access to the online FlashEff2 Panel.

2. There are two AS3 methods that tells flashEff2 component to show and hide : show() hide(). You could simple configure the component from inside the FlashEff2 panel, give it and instance name and set it to show or hide by code. Also you will have to disable show and hide "autoPlay" parameter which can be found under the "Options" tab inside FlashEff2 panel.


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