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Posted by Adam13 
General Opinion
January 29, 2010 04:54AM
I have to say, when I received the email a few nights ago that FlashEff2 went on sale for a day, I jumped on it. And I was really, really excited to use it and incorporate all the cool effects onto my sites. After playing around with the interface and testing all the presets, I must say that I'm not convinced that even at $49 (sale price), that it is anything other than an expensive demo.

For example, I have a series of buttons with a very simple orange animation. To enhance it with FlashEff2, the only thing I can do is utilize the hot pink preset. Im just not sure what the value is of having a hot pink uneditable button animation is. Or one that causes the button to spazmatically flip. Or twist at an angle. What buttons out there behave like this?

Now, I see amazing capabilities when one is able to take these preset tweens, and then edit them. So this is why the Premium Plus is awesome. I guess this is what I'm struggling with. How can an add-on be as expensive as the actual program, and how can I utilize what I purchased (whether its combining or filtering presets (is this possible?)) to justify not only the cost, but how are those presets applied top real-life applications?

I don't mean to be critical or harsh, I think the UI and concepts are incredible. But, I see that the $99 version that I purchased doesn't seem to have much capability; how can I be sure that the next step higher would bring value? Honestly, I'm not quite sure that even an AS3 beginner would want hot pink buttons just because there were no other alternatives.

Re: General Opinion
January 30, 2010 07:40AM
I want to thank you for the kind gesture. It was certainly unexpected and much appreciated. I purchased Premium Plus and this is exactly what I needed. Great flexibility, beautiful kinda app.

So I've was playing around with it for a bit on something i've been working on. A series of buttons that dynamically get added and removed from the stage. The buttons are Movieclips consisting of a dynamic text field and the FlashEff2 component. So, when the movieclip is dynamically added to the stage, everything works perfectly. However, when I remove the mc, and then add it again to the stage for a second time, the MC is invisible. I can click on where it should be, and it send me to the right link, but the button is completely invisible.

Hmm, any ideas?

Thank you again.
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