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FETFallAndGlow Text pattern
fetfallandglow, fallandglow, text, glow, glowing, falling, random, fall, appear, best, bubble, bubbles, letter, character, cool, flow, font, gravity, banner, website, websites, intro, matrix, rain, raining, shine, shining, shiny, ad, ads, advertising, greetings, fet, love, down, christmas Creates transitions with random group based alpha and glow filters plus vertical falling movement.
FETVerticalDisolve Text pattern
fetverticaldissolve, verticaldissolve, text, random, alpha, glow, glowing, movement, dissolve, vertical, motion, banner, header, glare, glimmer, glint, glitter, glittering, glossy, rain, raining, best, ad, ads, advertising, greetings, fet, love, christmas Creates transitions with random group based alpha and glow filters plus vertical movement.
FEFSnow Filter pattern
fefsnow, snow, snowing, snowflake, snowfall, winter, filter, rain, drop, bullet, cloud, clouds, raindrop, pouring, cool, greetings, fef, christmas The pattern brings the feeling of winter by drawing falling snowflakes over the target object.

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