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FETLineBurnAndFlow Text pattern
fetlineburnandflow, lineburnandflow, text, bending, burn, burning, bitmap, blood, cloud, clouds, line, lines, dissolve, fluid, gravity, liquid, fet The pattern creates lines based transitions using an innovative burning formula.
FETGlowAndBurn Text pattern
fetglowandburn, glowandburn, glow, burn, burning, group, text, filter, cloud, clouds, reveal, mask, fet Creates transitions with random group based glow filter on letters, words or lines.
FESClouds Symbol pattern
fesclouds, cloud, burning, clouds, appear, burn, dissolve, mask, sky, image, movieclip, movie, clip, symbol, greetings, fes The pattern is designed to create transitions using a burning cloud effect, in a way that resembles the clouds covering the bright sky.

FEFSnow Filter pattern
fefsnow, snow, snowing, snowflake, snowfall, winter, filter, rain, drop, bullet, cloud, clouds, raindrop, pouring, cool, greetings, fef, christmas The pattern brings the feeling of winter by drawing falling snowflakes over the target object.

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