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FET3DCamDepth Text pattern
fet3dcamdepth, 3dcamdepth, 3d, random, motion, bounce, bouncing, alpha, appear, splash, splatter, zoom, in, out, zooming, fade, banner, dynamic, elastic, flying, font, line, lines, perspective, text, word, letter, character, amazing, best, cool, ad, ads, advertising, fet Creates 3D transitions with an alpha random motion.
FETXYScale Text pattern
fetxyscale, xyscale, text, scale, alpha, fade, fading, in, out, wave, bounce, bouncing, flying, font, line, word, character, letter, motion, movement, 3d, website, websites, zoom, zooming, ad, ads, advertising, fet Scales and repositions the text together with an alpha fade.
FETChaotic Text pattern
fetchaotic, text, chaotic, zoom, zooming, magnify, magnifier, magnifying, glass, lens, scale, wind, elastic, font, character, letter, great, grow, growing, logo, fet, chaos Great pattern for text transitions generating a chaotic, magnifying glass-like movement.

FESZoom Symbol pattern
feszoom, zoom, fade, fading, in, out, scale, appear, zooming, simple, image, movieclip, symbol, movie, clip, fes The pattern zooms in or out the target object making it fade in and out.
FESZoomBlur Symbol pattern
feszoomblur, zoomblur, zoom, blur, in, out, zooming, appear, focus, reveal, image, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, fes The pattern zooms in or out the target making it blurred.

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