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High-Quality Patterns
Over 100 effect patterns, each of them enabling you to achieve...

Show/Hide Effects
FlashEff has been such a success
so far mainly due to its high...

Text Effects
The main purpose of FlashEff is
to improve the way text...

Symbol Effects
These effects treat the entire
object (symbol or text) as a...

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Quick overview
Step by step through the most important features of the component.

What's new in FlashEff2
Find out what's new and hot in the ultimate FlashEff version component.

Getting started
Full video tutorial that helps you start using FlashEff 2.0

Use filters
A short tutorial that shows exactly how FlashEff 2.0 Filters...

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What is FlashEff?

FlashEff is an easy to use flash component and interactive tool that enables high quality transition effects in Adobe Flash.

It's virtually an infinite library of image and text effects that can be used and customized to create professional Flash animations.

The Flash effects component

FlashEff 2.0 has been improved! Now you have over 3000 effects made by our best flash designers, dozens of high-quality symbol and text animation patterns, a new flash button mode and brand new professional filter effects.

Once you'll start using FlashEff, you'll step into a totally new experience!

Text effects

One of the most impressive things that FlashEff can do is spectacular flash text effects. With 70 flash effect patterns especially developed for TextFields, FlashEff will surely help you create some outstanding flash text animations for your projects!


IDE Versions: Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Flash CS5
Action Script Version: AS3.0
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 9, 10, +
Also works on AIR and various Stand Alone players
Note: FlashEff 2.0 Flex works in both Flex Builder 3 and Flex/Flash Builder 4

Permanent Internet connection is needed to run the FlashEff 2 Panel (the online configuration panel that loads into your Adobe Flash CS5/CS4/CS3). The component itself (FlashEff 2.0) and finally compiled SWF files will be able to run online and offline and will NOT need Internet connection to work. If Internet connection is missing, you will still be able to use the FlashEff 2 Panel's free license features.

FlashEff is a runtime effects component that will produce transitions and effects dynamically in the compiled swf files.

Even if the FlashEff can be manipulated in timeline, the desired flash effects and transitions will not be directly shown on the Flash IDE stage before compilation.

I already have FlashEff Premium

FlashEff Premium (V1) has a few advantages over the new FlashEff 2.0 Premium but also the new Premium has a few advantages over the old one.

In FlashEff 2.0 we have introduced a new concept of prebuilt flash animation effects that are much easier to use but at the same time, we have restricted the level of detail that a user can access for tweaking effects.

The FlashEff 2.0 Premium is automatically added to all users that have individually purchased FlashEff Premium Unlimited (V1). However if you want to upgrade to FlashEff 2.0 Tweak or Premium Plus, you'll have to purchase the upgrade license that can be found in your JumpeyeComponents account.


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