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FETChaotic Text pattern
fetchaotic, text, chaotic, zoom, zooming, magnify, magnifier, magnifying, glass, lens, scale, wind, elastic, font, character, letter, great, grow, growing, logo, fet, chaos Great pattern for text transitions generating a chaotic, magnifying glass-like movement.
FESLensGlare Symbol pattern
feslensglare, lensglare, lens, glare, flare, lense, shine, motion, banner, galaxy, shining, shiny, glimmer, glint, glitter, glittering, glossy, reveal, star, stars, white, image, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, best, cool, ad, ads, advertising, fes A LensGlare movement reveals the target object.
FESReveal Symbol pattern
fesreveal, reveal, blur, clarity, lens, focus, revealing, appear, circle, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, image, ad, ads, advertising, greetings, photography, fes, love The pattern reveals the target clip in a similar manner as an artistic painting in a gallery.

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