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FETBlur Text pattern
fetblur, blur, motion, blurry, text, alpha, banner, header, intro, logo, font, amazing, appear, best, line, lines, word, letter, character, cool, simple, website, websites, ad, ads, advertising, greetings, fet The pattern creates blur transitions.
FETAlpha Text pattern
fetalpha, alpha, fade, fading, in, out, appear, blur, text, line, lines, blurry, word, letter, character, font, reveal, simple, easy, banner, header, logo, website, websites, ad, ads, advertising, greetings, fet The pattern applies an alpha fade effect on the text.
FESAlpha Symbol pattern
fesalpha, alpha, fade, fading, in, out, mask, transparency, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, simple, banner, header, logo, website, websites, background, image, images, gallery, picture, pictures, reveal, easy, best, ad, ads, advertising, fes The pattern applies alpha transitions to the selected object using simple alpha transparency masks.

FESBlur Symbol pattern
fesblur, blur, motion, appear, teleport, teleporting, simple, easy, reveal, movieclip, movie, clip, image, symbol, website, websites, best, cool, ad, ads, advertising, greetings, fes Performs blur transitions based on one single default preset.
FESZoom Symbol pattern
feszoom, zoom, fade, fading, in, out, scale, appear, zooming, simple, image, movieclip, symbol, movie, clip, fes The pattern zooms in or out the target object making it fade in and out.

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