swf file loop stops - error #2015 or crash

Posted by user434387 
swf file loop stops - error #2015 or crash
September 14, 2010 01:24AM
I love the Flasheff effects! My animations (text and images) are working perfectly in my swf file output. However...

I'm just having a problem. I have a large set of effects (each is in its own nested movie clip, on the same layer) and when I export the swf file, it runs through 3-4 times then stops or crashes. One error I'm getting is:

argumentError #2015 invalid bitmap data (followed by several lines of at.flash.display...etc.)

Sometimes, flash just crashes.

Suggestions? I need to have a swf file that runs a few hours for a conference.

I have my effects starting in keyframe 2.

I also tried adding this actionscript in the first fram (from this link):

function rm(ev:Event):void{

var target=ev.currentTarget.target

function entFrame(ev:Event):void{

for(var i=0;i<this.numChildren;i++){

if(getChildAt(i) is FlashEff2){




Re: swf file loop stops - error #2015 or crash
September 14, 2010 06:55AM
Well, I'm not really sure why you get the error, so I suggest you should open a ticket and send us your source file so we can take a look.
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