flasheff changes mc position

Posted by maurik 
flasheff changes mc position
May 25, 2009 01:27PM
i have a main mc added to stage at runtime. in it i have another mc (x=6, y=5) containing one large bitmap. i have a swap transition with that mc as both targets (hide and show). as soon as the hide transition starts i change the color of the mc, and get a nice color switch effect.

the problem is: both transitions change the coordinates of the mc to x=0, y=0.

i have ran a timer to see when, and discovered they do it two times during the transition, once at the beginning and once halfway through.

if have read here that flasheff moves the target into the flasheff instance, and thought maybe it has something to do with it, but initially the flasheff instance is automatically at the same coordinates as the target mc. i have ran another check to see that the flasheff instance also move to 0,0.

i have made a workaround to reset the coordinates at transition_start, transition end, and a timer between. but i always see the jump.

how do i solve this?
Re: flasheff changes mc position
May 25, 2009 02:27PM
The jump is unnatural, it should not happen. Please give me some details, what pattern you are using what settings, or better yet, attach the fla file so we can take a look at it and fix it.
Re: flasheff changes mc position
May 25, 2009 04:11PM
i wouldn't like to send anything on the forum due to copyright material. if you like, and if you dont mind disabling code segments that call external files, i can send you the fla personally

meanwhile settings:
pattern: FESWavy (tested with FESRipple and the jump disappeared, but after i changed back to wavy, gave me an output:

"**Warning** The linkage identifier 'com.jumpeye.flashEff.symbol.ripple.FESRipple' was already assigned to the symbol 'FESRipple', and cannot be assigned to the symbol 'flasheff/FESRipple', since linkage identifiers must be unique.", i reset things and it was gone)

preset: T2B (tested various with no effect)
offset: 30 (tested 0 with no effect)

tween: back.easeout
autoplay = false
target is visible

code used -

frame.wallF.swap(frame.wall, FlashEff.SWAP_TYPE_HIDE_AND_SHOW);


*one last thing - i have just tested it when i have personally set the mc to 0,0, and it didnt change it to anything else. possible workaround is simply to put the bitmap inside on 6,5, but i would ideally like not to have to do things like that.

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Re: flasheff changes mc position
May 26, 2009 05:52AM
I tried to move the registration point( the shape inside the my symbol) and it still worked. You can test it if you like.
You can send your file ( or a small fla file with an example of the bug ) to our support team: support@jumpeyecomponents.com.
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