FlashEff 1 (Discontinued version)

Use this forum if you have issues or you want to discuss about the FlashEff V1 component. 
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Use FlashEff by ActionScript3 code from a document class Attachments

by negush
5,397305/27/2015 05:38AM
Last Post by user1643024

Can't see the component in the Components Panel

by Ionut
5,766602/12/2010 11:58AM
Last Post by swelpix

How to install a major update of FlashEff

by negush
4,957510/05/2009 07:55AM
Last Post by minder

Import path for FlashEff patterns

by negush
7,381807/07/2009 08:33AM
Last Post by Ionut

Make FlashEff work on multiple scenes Attachments

by negush
6,495404/20/2009 02:55PM
Last Post by dakotahgirl

How to find stage width and height of SWF file?

by udaysingh
4,490603/16/2015 03:33PM
Last Post by user1640443

How to create a tooltip for images with a Flasheff component ?

by motofzr1000
3,4791012/21/2014 11:27PM
Last Post by user1635078

TxEff2 +AIR ignores x y position of target text field Attachments

by troyworks
3,464610/24/2014 09:07PM
Last Post by user1630744

Flash Eff to Premiere - the journey from .swf to .avi

by jdrdx
4,8581110/12/2014 10:09AM
Last Post by user1629754

Dynamically start staged FlashEff instance

by jensworld
2,541604/10/2014 09:26AM
Last Post by asem

addChild causes FlashEff MC to reposition

by tsmithf
3,469304/10/2014 09:24AM
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If Works for Flash CS6

by user1596781
853111/20/2013 06:45PM
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Load external swf lost the flashes effects from precius file

by user555321
1,414112/15/2012 12:21PM
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Go to nextFrame after Hide effect

by losvatic
2,853511/20/2012 03:41AM
Last Post by PPVazquez

FLASHEFF ERROR: Target must be a non-null DisplayObject.

by Flashinpan
9,057809/09/2012 09:58PM
Last Post by user1389626

The DisplayObject's filtered dimensions too large to be drawn

by user1207711
1,969205/22/2012 07:32AM
Last Post by kneo

Nothing is in my Flasheff Panel

by djredbrownie
2,970811/18/2011 07:08PM
Last Post by jrbriones

SWFs using FlashEff run slow/freeze

by tmpsw2000
2,378311/16/2011 12:38PM
Last Post by user733056

Flash CS4 - component not showing up

by ohyeah
23,3902210/02/2011 03:26PM
Last Post by user946136

Banner Ads & File Size

by rqrm4i
25,542802/18/2011 02:01PM
Last Post by florodebat

Java Script error!!! 8-)

by melm25
7,0741901/21/2011 05:33PM
Last Post by user564966

You donĀ“t have access to this pattern

by javiadas
3,897801/21/2010 08:56AM
Last Post by Reefer

Loading external images in a slideshow...HELP!

by megamilam
4,412501/20/2010 05:38PM
Last Post by jasonjulien

ArgumentError: Error #1063: with CS4...

by fernandovedal
5,426301/03/2010 11:08AM
Last Post by ruialien

How to make a loop start from a button

by cabalismo
3,779111/25/2009 07:36PM
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simple image banner

by lstephan
4,179111/08/2009 08:03AM
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Using the free Flash Eff Demo in FlashDevelop

by MarcelUrbanek
8,064510/29/2009 06:52PM
Last Post by JPM

How to install Flasheff

by Gyba
6,483510/28/2009 07:12PM
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by ngegno
3,722110/21/2009 11:57AM
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adding flashEff2 component to movie clip resizes my image

by Jfled
3,814110/13/2009 06:17PM
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by ahsi
4,951609/30/2009 07:18AM
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by maloola123
3,375309/17/2009 08:15PM
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Help Buttons Not Working Attachments

by Chase
3,368309/14/2009 03:26PM
Last Post by Chase

FlashEff error: Type Coercion failed

by nkadlac
5,491509/14/2009 07:24AM
Last Post by Ionut

Loading an External SWF with FlashEff effect(s) working after load Attachments

by papillion
15,2671809/08/2009 09:33AM
Last Post by metilic