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FESFlip Symbol pattern
fesflip, flip, flipping, 3d, perspective, distort, distortion, image, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, card, paper, page, fes The pattern allows you to flip objects across a selected axis.
FESUnpack Symbol pattern
fesunpack, flip, flipping, pack, unpack, distort, distortion, perspective, reveal, folding, image, movie, clip, symbol, movieclip, fes, divide Packs and unpacks the target object using real distortion flipping.
FESFlipSquare Symbol pattern
fesflipsquare, flipsquare, flip, squares, square, flipping, distort, distortion, perspective, movieclip, movie, clip, image, symbol, card, fes The pattern enables you to create flipping squares transitions over the target object across a selected axis.

FEFDistortion Filter pattern
fefdistortion, transform, perspective, skew, distort, distortion, 3d, flip, filter, page, fef This pattern allows you to ad perspective to the selected object, skew it or otherwise distort it Premiumly.

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