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FESBrightSquares Symbol pattern
fesbrightsquares, brightsquares, square, squares, scaling, scale, alpha, fade, in, out, fading, brightness, bitmap, glimmer, glitter, glittering, glare, image, gallery, movieclip, symbol, movie, clip, best, cool, ad, ads, advertising, fes The pattern creates scaling square-based transitions along with alpha and brightness effects.
FESEqualizer Symbol pattern
fesequalizer, equalizer, brightness, stripes, square, squares, alpha, fade, fading, in, out, volume, audio, bitmap, image, images, puzzle, picture, movieclip, movie, clip, symbol, fes, down The pattern creates transitions that resemble the graphical display of an audio equalizer, along with a brightness effect.
FESSquareLight Symbol pattern
fessquarelight, squarelight, square, squares, pixel, pixelate, pixelation, brightness, scale, puzzle, mosaic, alpha, fade, fading, bitmap, movieclip, symbol, movie, clip, image, fes This pattern applies flash transitions using scaling squares and light effect, similar to a burning brightness effect.

FEFSepia Filter pattern
fefsepia, sepia, color, colors, filter, saturation, brightness, image, old, art, fef The pattern applies a sepia color filter over the target object with different saturation and brightness values.
FEFPixelDots Filter pattern
fefpixeldots, pixeldots, pixel, dots, grid, brightness, glow, blinking, filter, fef The pattern applies a grid mask with a blinking glow effect and optionally a crossing brightness effect over the target display object.

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