FlashEff2 Suggestions

Posted by TerryG 
FlashEff2 Suggestions
June 08, 2009 04:14AM

I just bought FlashEff, which came with a beta of FlashEff2. In reading through the documentation for FlashEff2, I was wondering if it's too late to submit requests. For example, the preset property takes a number, which doesn't tell you what the preset actually does. I think it would be preferable to make these values either strings or enumerations, because they would be easier to remember, it would be easier to understand the code, and you could get code hinting. So instead of:
showEffect.preset = 7;

You would have:
showEffect.preset = "WipeDown";

showEffect.preset = FESAlphaPreset.WipeDown; // this would give you code hinting and eliminate magic strings

Another suggestion: if you change the name of the FLASHEFFEvents class to FlashEffEvents it would be easier to read and faster to type. Making it mostly upper case seems unnecessary.


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Re: Is it too late to suggest changes?
June 09, 2009 12:40PM
Thank you TerryG, I will pass your suggestions to the development team.
You are right about the preset being hard to figure out, but we have chosen this way of naming them as many patterns have 55 presets and some of them have complex animations that are hard to be described.
About the second suggestion, I think is an excellent idea.
If you have other suggestion, please feel free to share them with us, your feedback is very important.
Thank you again for your involvement.
Re: Is it too late to suggest changes?
June 09, 2009 03:19PM

Thanks for your reply.

> You are right about the preset being hard to figure out, but we have chosen this way of naming
> them as many patterns have 55 presets and some of them have complex animations that are
> hard to be described.

I see your point. On the other hand, the Preset dropdown menu in the FlashEff panel *does* use strings to describe each preset. So maybe you can just re-use the labels in the dropdown menu.

Btw, I can't find any documentation about the the preset numbers. Does this exist?

> If you have other suggestions, please feel free to share them with us, your feedback is very
> important. Thank you again for your involvement.

OK. I'm just starting out with FlashEff and without having access to the source code I may be way off base, but here are a few things.

Suggestion: It would be helpful if the FlashEff2 panel had a text area which showed the ActionScript necessary to implement the selected effect(s). TweenMax from greensock.com has a couple of swfs for this (named PluginExplorer.swf and TweenLiteBasics.swf), and they're extremely handy.

Typo in docs, first word on page 1 of "ActionScript3.0 Usage.pdf": FlasEff2 should be FlashEff2.

Suggestion: Having to use XML to specify the properties for button states is, I think, really clunky. I wonder if it would be possible to instead set the properties of each button state like this, without first having to create xml objects:
var btnEffect:FEBEffect = new FEBEffect();
btnEffect.overState.tweenTime = 0.5;
btnEffect.downState.tweenTime = 0.5;

Suggestion: It would be nice if the import statements were simplified. Having classes buried six levels deep seems excessive. Instead of having to type:
import com.jumpeye.flashEff2.text.magneticWind.FETMagneticWind;
Why not:
import com.flashEff2.text.FETMagneticWind;
import com.flashEff2.FETMagneticWind;
At the very least, you could do without the jumpeye package, and the prefix of each effect and command (FEB, FEC, FET) already tells the user what type of class is being imported.

Unrelated to FlashEff2, here are some problems I found with the high-def versions of the FlashEff video tutorials currently on your site:

- FEF_Distortion.mov repeats the first minute and a half of the tutorial. You can see it repeat if you jump to 1:31 in the file.

- The audio in all of the videos is panned way to the left. Sounds uncomfortable if you're listening with headphones on the StairMaster :)

If you do video tutorials for FlashEff2, I think it would be better to eliminate all the setup instructions in every video -- instead, just do one video for that. I found myself skipping the first minute or so of each video because the content was redunant.


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Re: FlashEff2 Suggestions
June 13, 2009 11:20AM
I would love to see the ability of adding more than one event to a button - as with Filters where you can add more than one - how about the ability of adding a OnPress a OnRollOver etc - this would make it a lot easier to use for those who are not AS3 experts.
Re: FlashEff2 Suggestions
February 24, 2015 08:04AM
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Re: FlashEff2 Suggestions
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Re: FlashEff2 Suggestions
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Re: FlashEff2 Suggestions
March 27, 2015 05:38AM
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Re: FlashEff2 Suggestions
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Re: FlashEff2 Suggestions
March 31, 2015 05:15AM
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Re: FlashEff2 Suggestions
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Re: FlashEff2 Suggestions
September 11, 2015 05:31AM
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