FlashEff2 | Flex version

Only $99

The highest quality Flash effects are now available for Flex Builder 3 and Flex/Flash Builder 4.
Check out FlashEff 2.0 features to find out more. Bellow is a list of licenses that includes the Flex pack.

Key features

High-Quality Patterns
Over 100 effect patterns, each of them enabling you to achieve...

Show/Hide Effects
FlashEff has been such a success
so far mainly due to its high...

Text Effects
The main purpose of FlashEff is
to improve the way text...

Symbol Effects
These effects treat the entire
object (symbol or text) as a...

Feature/License Flex Premium Plus

Just the Flex pack

Advanced pack with
customizable presets
Flex pack Yes Yes
Full access to the online panel Yes Yes
Effect presets 3000+ 3000+
Custom tweening Yes Yes
Tweak (edit) effects Yes Yes
Flash component No Yes
Light pack No Yes
Code component No Yes
Save custom presets No Yes
Support Yes Yes
Price (Unlimited license) $99 $279
Now only: $199
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Video tutorials

Quick overview
Step by step through the most important features of the component.

What's new in FlashEff2
Find out what's new and hot in the ultimate FlashEff version component.

Getting started
Full video tutorial that helps you start using FlashEff 2.0

Use filters
A short tutorial that shows exactly how FlashEff 2.0 Filters...

*  All the above features are purely commercial and are NOT included in the free/demo license.
**  The FlashEff2 licenses are not time-based. FlashEff2 will run for virtually UNLIMITED time once purchased.

Free version

Commercial versions

What's inside the Flex pack?

1. The SWC FlashEff 2.0 Flex components
2. The FlashEff 2.0 patterns in SWC
3. The FlashEff 2.0 assets in SWC


4. Documentation
5. Tutorials with sample files
6. ActionScript Usage Guide

How FlashEff 2.0 Flex works?

FlashEff2 for Flex only comes in commercial licenses and does the same thing that FlashEff2 does except for the usage. FlashEff2 for Flash was especially made for "no coding" experience, while the Flex version can ONLY be used from code. This is why we created the online panel, a resource where you can log in and customize your own effects or choose from over 3000 presets.

Once you get to the desired effect you just have to hit "Get code" and it will be instantly copied into your clipboard for you to paste it in your code.
You should only get the Flex version of FlashEff2 if you have good coding skills in Flex 3/4. Our support will not cover your coding skills.

Important for web apps. | OEM license

If you need to embed FlashEff2 in an app that allows users (3rd party / non-FlashEff customers) to edit and create their own customized content, you have to get an OEM license instead of a developer/site license.

Click here to find out more.

Licensing Notes

A "single-user license" can be used to install the component on one single computer (PC or Mac).

To install the component on more computers within one single organization you need to get a "site license", you're going to be able to "select site license" after adding the desired distribution pack to the shopping cart. (The cost of a site license is about 2x a single-user license)

Permanent Internet connection is needed to run the FlashEff 2 Online panel (the online configuration panel). The component itself (FlashEff 2.0) , its patterns/assets and finally compiled SWF files will be able to run online and offline and will NOT need Internet connection to work.


You can use these licenses to create commercial web content as described in our License Agreement. FlashEff 2.0 Flex is conceived for Adobe Flex/Flash Builder users to produce cool flash animations faster and better using the Online panel to configure dynamically from code.

When used dynamically you have to make sure that your license covers that kind of usage. The commercial licenses purchased directly through the FlashEff.com website will NOT allow you to use FlashEff dynamically inside your own app/website in order to enable third parties to produce their own flash content that can be downloaded or embed on their own pages. To do so, you need to get our written agreement and this means that you will need to pay a distribution license.

These licenses will NOT allow you to distribute, resell or embed/enclose FlashEff dynamically into another distribution pack/application/site that outputs flash content that can be used by third parties.

To get source codes, distribution rights, special customizations, non-commercial or educational licenses and also if you feel confused about this license terms please contact our sales department via email: sales [at] jumpeyecomponents.com If you find suspicious use of FlashEff please let us know.