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FESRoundedSquareScale Symbol pattern
fesroundedsquarescale, roundedsquarescale, square, squares, scaling, rounded, corner, scale, bubble, bubbles, puzzle, gallery, slideshow, image, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, fes The pattern creates effects based on animated squares with rounded corners, which are scaled during the transition.
FEFRoundedMask Filter pattern
fefroundedmask, roundedmask, rounded, mask, masking, corners, frame, border, stroke, image, photo, picture, filter, fef This pattern applies a rounded corners mask on the target clip.
FEFGridSquares Filter pattern
fefgridsquares, gridsquares, square, squares, mask, masking, retro, industrial, pixel, led, round, rounded, disco, filter, fef, divide The pattern applies a grid mask over the clip, to give it a retro or "industrial" look.

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