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FETBlurryLight Text pattern
fetblurrylight, blurrylight, text, blur, motion, light, dynamic, line, word, character, letter, earthquake, bounce, bouncing, glow, glowing, shake, shaking, wave, waves, waving, vibration, vibrate, rock, fet The pattern creates a blurry effect on the target text, based on blur and glow filters, generating a cloud-like effect.
FETJiggy Text pattern
fetjiggy, jiggy, text, shake, shaking, motion, blur, fade, bounce, bouncing, earthquake, agitate, rock, vibrate, vibration, fet The pattern creates very interesting shaking text transitions.
FESDuplication Symbol pattern
fesduplication, random, duplicate, duplication, bounce, bouncing, shake, shaking, image, chaotic, motion, vibration, rock, symbol, movieclip, movie, clip, fes The pattern creates duplicates of the target object and places them into random positions.

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