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FEFAdjustColor Filter pattern
fefadjustcolor, adjustcolor, color, colors, colorize, adjust, manipulation, alteration, saturation, lightness, contrast, adjustments, hue, desaturate, black, white, photo, picture, image, filter, fef This pattern allows you to saturate - desaturate colors, make hue rotations (color shifts), brightness changes and contrast adjustments.
FEFSepia Filter pattern
fefsepia, sepia, color, colors, filter, saturation, brightness, image, old, art, fef The pattern applies a sepia color filter over the target object with different saturation and brightness values.
FEFGradientShine Filter pattern
fefgradientshine, gradientshine, shine, gradient, color, colors, disco, light, filter, shining, rainbow, fef This pattern uses a gradient to apply a shine effect to the selected object.

FEFStripes Filter pattern
fefstripes, stripes, bars, motion, filter, color, colors, disco, bar, line, stripe, lines, hypnotize, rainbow, fef Perfect filter effect to hypnotize somebody if the speed of stripes is different than 0.
FEFColorize Filter pattern
fefcolorize, color, colors, filter, colorize, overlaying, blood, cover, fef The filter applies a specified color over the target clip.

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