Effect timing

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Effect timing
October 29, 2010 11:54PM

I am trying to make an ad banner that would change some pictures. I would like to apply a Nano effect to each image to have nice transitions during the whole animation.

When I put a movieclip on frame 1 and apply the Nano effect it plays nice.

However if I try to add a second movieclip for example on frame 2 and apply a Nano effect to this one as well, the movieclip will not play.
(This I can not control how long it will be shown, just the tween durations are controllable)

Otherway If I span each movieclip instances on several frames I can achieve that both transitions will play, but with an interesting timing issue. (Some effects will not be rendered If the movieclip has not enough frames, If I try to copy and paste the very same Nano affected movieclip to the end of the first one, then the transitions are not of the same length which I do not understand.)
So I can not control precisely how long each movieclip will be presented.

Do I have to keep an eye on Nano effect tween durations and frame rate and calculate the right frame number for the next movieclip each time,
or I do something wrong?

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Re: Effect timing
November 01, 2010 07:10AM
Try to add each flasheff target and instance on different layer.
If you are using flasheff on multiple frames you need to calculate the number of frames needed for each effect you chose.
The number of frames can be calculated like this:
showDelay+showTweenDuration+hideDelay+hideTweenDuration * document's frameRate.
Then everything else you need to do is standard timeline work.
Let me know if you manage to do this.
Re: Effect timing
November 04, 2010 09:54PM
Thank you for the quick answer.
I tried both methods meanwhile and figured out how can I set the durations when using a single frame.
The solution was to set the delay value under "Options" panel for Hide effect.
As I was used to the original flash timeline, it was not obvious for me in the beginning.

By the way thank you for the formula for calculating to the multi-frame method. I think I will use this method as I will have to loop the animation which needs an empty keyframe as the last one.
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