Version Chart

Posted by ihayesjr 
Version Chart
May 14, 2009 02:46AM
The chart showing the differences between the 3 version shows that the premium version only has 500+ Effects Presets but the information below it shows that it comes with 1000+. This is in the Complete Manual PDF.
Which is correct? The chart or the information under the chart?

Re: Version Chart
May 14, 2009 12:41PM
Good point.
That was a mistake, however we do not count show and hide effects together, we only count show, filter and button effects to get the 500 initial presets, the hide effects will be exactly the opposite to the show ones, with the same name and a few modifications to some of them (easeIn instead of easeOut, and so on). However, we will have the best looking and most versatile 500 presets available in the premium license in order to allow a FlashEff2 Premium user to make very cool transitions with it.

Normally you can think of these 500 presets like to a library of over 500 unique effects, and it should make your life much easier. Sometimes it's even too much to have to look through 500 effects to find the one you need. This is why we think that this number will be perfect for low-budget customers.

However, for those that will upgrade to Premium Plus, we reserve a few more presets and of course the fine tunings.
Re: Version Chart
May 14, 2009 02:14PM
Thanks for the clarification.

Another note on this chart. I am currently a Premium customer and have the ability to modify the preset effect settings. This chart indicates that I will not be able to do this in FlashEff 2 unless I upgrade to Premium Plus.

This doesn't seem right to have a lose of functionalilty when going to a newer version of the product.

I work for a software company and I know from our legal department that we are not allowed to remove functionality from 1 release to the next without having another way to perform the same function.

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Re: Version Chart
May 14, 2009 08:21PM
Loosing functionality in an upgrade does not seem fair to me either.
I guess the intention was that all FlashEff users get the core v2 goodies for free and those who want a full-blown upgrade should pay for the new Premium Plus upgrade. It still does not seem right to me... We will have to wait and see what the cost of the new Plus license will be.
Re: Version Chart
May 16, 2009 08:06AM
Actually, those are the specs (not final) that will be given for any FlashEff 2 customer. And the Premium version does not have customizable effects. However, we will have a replacement version that does customizations but the presets will not work. This will be available ONLY for previous FlashEff Premium Unlimited customers as an alternative to our new FlashEff 2 Premium package. We packaged FlashEff 2 like this in order to make the Premium version cheaper and to allow more people to use it for a low cost.

Important! The free upgrade is a gift from us. No other companies do free upgrades. (NOT free updates), if you have Adobe Flash CS3 you can't just get CS4 for free, or if you have Windows XP you can't just get Vista for free, there is always an upgrade price to get to the same level.

However, we haven't downgrade premium. We've changed the packaging and added visual presets, that were hardly asked by most of our users. Most of our users want ready to use presets instead of custom settings. So we had to choose what we will keep in the low budget solution: the presets (more user friendly, cool and easy to use for rapid development) or the custom settings (for more advanced users)...

I hope you all understand the position and the fact that you're getting FlashEff 2 Premium while FlashEff Premium still works very very good and is more stable. Technically FlashEff 1 will work for unlimited time, and FE2 is ONLY an alternative that you may want to use.
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