The DisplayObject's filtered dimensions too large to be drawn

Posted by user1207711 
The DisplayObject's filtered dimensions too large to be drawn
April 04, 2012 12:52AM

I've been trying to hook up FlasheffCode via as3 and I keep getting this error:

Filter will not render. The DisplayObject's filtered dimensions are too large to be drawn.

I'm adding my movie clips dynamically to the stage, and it turns out that their width and height are sometimes huge: 505000000 or something.

I have tried resetting them back down to reasonable dimensions, but the effect still plays very very slowly.

I've placed the same effect code in a fresh flash file with a movie clip on the main timeline and it works just fine. But somehow my scene construction is causing it to behave very poorly.

The setup:

1) contentClip is a movieclip with some art in it, set to export for actionscript as "contentClip"
2) var cc:MovieClip = new contentClip();
3) stage.addChild(cc);
4) Flasheff code
5) = cc

result: slow playblack.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


// effect
var myEffect:FlashEff2Code = new FlashEff2Code();
myEffect.showAutoPlay = true;

var fx:FES3DCamSquareFocus = new FES3DCamSquareFocus();
fx.tweenDuration = 5;
myEffect.showTransition = fx;
// Set the target object to the FlashEff2Code instance. Once you do this,
// the filter will be applied immediately.

//trace(app.content.transitionbitmap.width);        // reasonable number
//trace(clipContent.width);                         // very large number
//trace(stage.width);                               // very large number = app.content;                      // very large number
// = app.content.transitionbitmap    // still is slow, because it's nested in a clip that is very big(?)
Re: The DisplayObject's filtered dimensions too large to be drawn
May 22, 2012 07:32AM
Could you please open a ticket and send us the source files so that we can take a closer look? Thank you.
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