Exporting problems!!!

Posted by ocoronae 
Exporting problems!!!
July 01, 2009 09:41PM
first of all im from mexico so forgive my english.

well my problem is that i made an animation that has around 7600 (i dont know if that matters) and i use a lot of the flash eff components but when i want to export it the effects doesnt work and i dont know if there's a limit in the components or my .fla is too heavy, other solution that i tried to made is to divide my animation into scenes but the program turns off and i have a new mac!! so i dont know where is the problem if you cand propose me a solution i will be very grateful.
Re: Exporting problems!!!
July 02, 2009 06:53AM
If you have too many components on the stage you might get a 5000 or a 5003 error. To avoid that please take the component and the target and put it in a new movieclip, this will salve your problem.
FlashEff should run if you use more stages, but we recomend using only one stage.
Let me know if this helps.

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