ArgumentError: Error #1063: with CS4...

Posted by fernandovedal 
ArgumentError: Error #1063: with CS4...
June 27, 2009 07:05PM
Just purchased Flash CS4 and I'm experiencing "Error #1063" on many of the effects (about 10% of them don't work.)

ArgumentError: Error #1063: Argument count mismatch on com.jumpeye.flashEff2.filter.shadow::FEFShadow(). Expected 0, got 1.
at FlashEff2/addFilterByName()
at FlashEff2/setProperties()
at FlashEff2/set xmlString()
at effects_2_photo1_fla::MainTimeline/__setProp___id0__2_photo1_Layer1_4()
at effects_2_photo1_fla::MainTimeline/frame5()

I've started with a fresh FLA and still get this error on even simple effects, like the shadow filter.

Any Idea what could be causing this?

Re: ArgumentError: Error #1063: with CS4...
July 01, 2009 06:37AM
Please write to our support team and they will help you.
Re: ArgumentError: Error #1063: with CS4...
January 03, 2010 11:08AM
I got the same error, any news??
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