Loop problem (try to read it)

Posted by bogdani 
Loop problem (try to read it)
June 19, 2009 01:29PM

Many people are using the Flasheff components to create slideshows. Not sure why it doesn't have an easy way to set a loop. There are a few cases of loops, some easier and some more tricky.

My problem is with a set of photos that are replacing each other with a transistion effect from the component. All is good, but when the animation has to start over I can't simply "glue" the last photo with the first one (first one will fade over a white background). Of course, I can bring as a first frame the last photo and tricky the eye somehow,.. in the loop animation it will be almost perfect, but when the animation plays first time I can see for 1 second the first frame which is supposed to be background for the first slide animation. I hope you understand what I mean,... other tricks? I tried to make the first frame static picture of the first animation and put the first animation at end in order to correctly set the transition between the last slide and the first one. But we also have the timer problem,.. which holds off the play for a few seconds on the first static frame (which is good when it first plays) but when I have the animation come to it's end, it stays xx seconds for the last slide (which remembers it's the first one) and then again the same interval of time for the first picture.

A checkbox to loop the entire scene would save our lifes :)

Please don't send me to the list of the similar loop searches in this forum. Others are easier to be solved than this one (or at least that's what I think)

Edit: I'm using the method described in the tutorial for looping it and it's working, it just doesn't jump from the last slide to the first one smoothly as I described. If needed I can post my fla.

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Re: Loop problem (try to read it)
June 19, 2009 04:50PM
Problem solved. I've used instead of the actionscripts from the tutorial, a lot of frames and started the animation with a static slide,.. and at the end I added only the 2seconds (the transisition time) for fading from the last slide to the first one,.. it goes smooth now,.. I'm pretty disapointed tho that it's such a lame solution for such a simple thing.
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