Move to frame after hide effect

Posted by shirtandsimple 
Move to frame after hide effect
June 03, 2009 12:34AM
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can use the 'hide' effects before moving to a frame. I have built a side navigation menu using Flash Eff and these buttons use 'goToframe' commands to move to various frames that have my content movie clips in my time line. On each one of my 'content' pages (which I've made into movies so I could put the Flash Eff show transitions on them) I really want to use a hide effect so that when a button in my navigation panel is pressed, the current movie plays the hide effect for the movie on that frame before the new frame is accessed.
Re: Move to frame after hide effect
June 03, 2009 06:04AM
I have already answered no a different thread but I'll write it here as well, just in case someone needs the same thing but does not find the other post.
Create a event listener on the button you want.
When the event is triggered you will call a function. In this function you should have something like this:
myEffect.addEventListener(FLASHEFFEvents. TRANSITION_END, transitionEndHandler);
After that you will need the following function:

function transitionEndHandler(evtObj:FLASHEFFEvents): void {
gotoAndPlay( whatEverFrameYouWant )

What this does is, when the button is clicked FlashEff starts hiding, but it will not go anywhere until the transition has ended.

If this doesn't help let me know
Re: Move to frame after hide effect
June 06, 2009 02:27AM
Thanks for your reply lonut. I'm still learning the action script and getting used to where to put what. Is there any way you could send a flash file that has an example of this being used so I can see the action script in action :)??

Re: Move to frame after hide effect
June 09, 2009 12:31PM
Sure. The file is attached, take a look at it and if you need other tips let me know.
open | download - FlashEff_on_end_goto_NextFrame.fla (1.81 MB)
Re: Move to frame after hide effect
June 09, 2009 03:23PM
Thanks for the file. I can try playing with it to figure out my need. Is there any way to see an example where there are two buttons. one goes to frame one and one goes to frame two. There is a movie clip on each frame. When you are one frame one and press the 'go to frame two' button, a hide transition plays on the frame one movie before it goes to frame two?
Re: Move to frame after hide effect
July 22, 2009 05:00PM
This 2 button request would really help me too. Thanks lonut if you have time for a example
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