Custom Params

Posted by brendynz 
Custom Params
January 07, 2009 09:24PM
I originally was working with Txt Eff, in which I could drag the components into my library and do everything else in code. I have now recently purchased Flash Eff, but am having trouble finding any documentation about cusomizing without using the Panel. I prefer to use code.

There used to me a list of customParam1 = XXX that I could refer to for my specific component. Is there no longer this option to do everything within code?

I'm under a harsh deadline, so any help would be appreciated.


Also a suggestion - make the import statements easier to find. The one for com.jumpeye.flashEff.text.fe3D.camXYZPivot.FET3DCamXYZPivot is so long, it would not show the entire string within the library panel or linkage panel, and I had to search the web to find it, eventually coming across it in one of your forums.
Re: Custom Params
January 08, 2009 08:28AM
The component can be used entirely by code and we have a couple of posts as examples:,929,929#msg-929 ,,393,,635 and,911. Indeed it's a little hard to find information on how to use the component by code so I'll talk to my colleagues so we post some documentation and examples on that. Thank you for your suggestions.
Re: Custom Params
January 08, 2009 02:59PM
Those examples do help, thank you for that. But is there anywhere that just has a list of available params for each pattern? I am using the FET3DCamXYZPivot at the moment, and the Art Director wants to change speeds, rotation speeds, how far the words spin, and if it effects words or letters. But I cant tell him yes or no because I can't find a detailed description of the patterns anywhere which include params. Does this exist?
Re: Custom Params
January 08, 2009 03:02PM
The properties of the patterns are the exact same properties that are displayed in the FlashEff panel for each pattern - have the exact same name.
Re: Custom Params
January 08, 2009 03:21PM
Forgive my ignorance on this, but using them doesnt seem to work. Am I doing things in the wrong order?

var myEffect1:FlashEff = new FlashEff();
myEffect1.partialGroup = "words";
myEffect1.focusIndex = 100;
myEffect1.blurCoef = 20;
myEffect1.showTransitionName = "com.jumpeye.flashEff.text.fe3D.camXYZPivot.FET3DCamXYZPivot";

myEffect1._targetInstanceName = "textDynamic.text1";
Re: Custom Params
January 09, 2009 07:39AM
The problem is with the properties of the patterns. You must keep in mind that those properties belong to the pattern and not to the actual FlashEff instance, so properties like focusIndex, partialGroup and blurCoef do not belong to the FlashEff component and there will be error messages displayed. The properties belong to the pattern so you need to reference the pattern first, like this: myEffect1.showTransition. So when you want to get or set the partialGroup property, you have to do it like this: myEffect1.showTransition.partialGroup = "words";.

Further more, the FET3DCamXYZPivot pattern does not have the focusIndex and blurCoef properties. All the properties you can set to the pattern are listed in the panel.
Re: Custom Params
January 09, 2009 07:44AM
You can find here the list of properties, methods and events of the FlashEff component:, and The properties of the patterns you'll have to look them up in the FlashEff panel.
Re: Custom Params
January 09, 2009 02:59PM
Thanks for the info on the syntax :)

As far as the params are concerned, the problem I was having is that when I select the component on stage, FET3DCamXYZPivot does not show up in the pulldown menu on the panel. The closest thing I could see to get the names of the params was the FET3DCamFocus pattern. The FET3DCamXYZPivot is dragged on the stage, and everything else is coming through... So I had to guess that those params were present.
Re: Custom Params
January 09, 2009 03:26PM
Could it be because I am logging in with my own personal login, as opposed to the company login which actually did the purchase of the premium FlashEff?
Re: Custom Params
January 09, 2009 03:36PM
Nevermind. Logged in with the proper user name, and it now works.
Re: Custom Params
January 13, 2009 07:29AM
Glad you managed to solve the problem. Indeed, the contents of the panel depend on the user that is logging in.
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