Duration time of animation?

Posted by ukraniu 
Duration time of animation?
November 19, 2008 07:56AM
Hello my friends!

How to set the duration time of Animation?
Re: Duration time of animation?
November 20, 2008 07:17AM
Just open up the FlashEff panel (or TxEff2 panel if you are using TxEff2) which you can find in the Window -> Other panels menu, select the show or hide effect you like and then set the tweenDuration property to how many seconds you would like the animation to run. You can find the tweenDuration property in the Tween sub-tab of the Show and Hide tabs. For more information on how to use the component please follow our video tutorials: http://www.flasheff.com/tutorials/.
Re: Duration time of animation?
November 21, 2008 06:11AM
I know that you have to look at how long the tweenDuration property is, and also add any delay you might have for the Show and Hide properties. It would be a nice addition if each flasheff element told you how long its total duration was in frames or seconds. It would be good for quick reference when you are stacking many effects.
Re: Duration time of animation?
November 21, 2008 07:43AM

That's a good idea, thank you for sharing it. I'll surely pass it to my colleagues working on the project. However, you could see the duration for each effect by opening the panel. Thanks anyway.
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