FlashEff 2.0

Use this forum to discuss any issues regarding FlashEff 2.0 version. (currently last version) 
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FlashEff during tweening or moving ?

by user478191
1,182206/20/2011 07:28AM
Last Post by kneo

Problem to autoplay flash file.

by user757006
1,544406/14/2011 03:47AM
Last Post by kneo

How to control display length between show and hide?

by user772776
1,050206/14/2011 03:06AM
Last Post by kneo

TextField gets detached from parent movieclip?

by user752106
1,089206/14/2011 03:04AM
Last Post by kneo

Location of class files for FlashEff2

by user789881
1,509206/14/2011 03:03AM
Last Post by kneo

FlashEff2.0 plugin stops working when I make a new button layer to link

by user772776
1,240306/02/2011 01:09PM
Last Post by user772776

Flasheff is not working for me_plz_help

by user387999
1,268506/02/2011 06:22AM
Last Post by kneo

Show/Hide text and symbols but the text and symbols remain after the FlashEFF animations have passed.

by user772776
1,317406/02/2011 06:21AM
Last Post by kneo

using FlashEff for a slideshow

by user691571
2,1971005/31/2011 09:12AM
Last Post by user691571

Memory problem

by user768251
1,067205/31/2011 06:16AM
Last Post by kneo


by user553841
945205/31/2011 05:53AM
Last Post by florodebat

chain effects

by alysko
1,515705/25/2011 07:02AM
Last Post by alysko

AntiAliasType.ADVANCED is removed on Textfield

by user576331
1,426205/25/2011 06:00AM
Last Post by kneo

Can anyone explain these parameters?

by user752106
1,286705/23/2011 08:05AM
Last Post by florodebat

Flash eff2 error

by user754776
1,465405/23/2011 03:55AM
Last Post by kneo

possible to mix effects? request new effect?

by user704516
1,080205/20/2011 09:03AM
Last Post by kneo

_effect.preset = HAS NO EFFECT // Always default

by user752106
1,128205/18/2011 08:32AM
Last Post by kneo

Preset do not update?

by user752106
996205/18/2011 08:29AM
Last Post by kneo

Permanent internet connection needed.

by user400343
1,188205/16/2011 02:07AM
Last Post by kneo

Question about buttons

by user693746
1,394205/03/2011 01:12AM
Last Post by kneo

Button Flip Pattern

by fraeng
1,052204/26/2011 02:39AM
Last Post by kneo

some (many?) text effects not working with FlashEff2Code

by almacrae
1,197204/22/2011 03:48AM
Last Post by kneo

FlashEff text issues

by user648276
1,128204/21/2011 01:09AM
Last Post by kneo

Image flash up before effects starts

by ColouredFunk
1,128204/20/2011 08:01AM
Last Post by kneo

How do I make a toggle button i FlashEff2

by user481003
1,127204/19/2011 08:19AM
Last Post by kneo

CS5 Issue with Fonts

by user692706
1,045204/17/2011 02:04PM
Last Post by kneo

value of a parented variable

by user455537
931204/15/2011 01:40AM
Last Post by kneo

Effs not working when exporting for flash 9

by user463705
1,080204/13/2011 01:58AM
Last Post by kneo

Flash Eff is not working. Please help.

by bleyzwun
1,086204/11/2011 02:58AM
Last Post by kneo

Flip effect axis

by rwmorey71
1,021204/11/2011 02:57AM
Last Post by kneo