FlashEff 2.0

Use this forum to discuss any issues regarding FlashEff 2.0 version. (currently last version) 
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Different Text at different times

by romano333
1,406210/09/2009 02:55PM
Last Post by florodebat

Button not showing hand cursor

by vkain
1,808210/09/2009 02:33PM
Last Post by florodebat

flash eff and dynamic text fields (as3)

by vincelee888
2,711810/09/2009 02:20PM
Last Post by florodebat

Please view my stupid question...

by ktburns
1,513410/08/2009 02:31PM
Last Post by florodebat

What can be done

by raccoon2
1,367210/07/2009 02:19PM
Last Post by florodebat

frame components "blinking" on briefly before the flasheff is applied...

by aasun
1,801310/07/2009 08:34AM
Last Post by florodebat

Flasheff doesn't work on FF 2.0

by saposaraso
1,298210/07/2009 08:21AM
Last Post by florodebat

Multiple computer use

by sarahnewman
1,575210/07/2009 06:19AM
Last Post by florodebat

Problem with update

by trazdum
1,381210/06/2009 06:41AM
Last Post by florodebat

How do I uninstall the free version so my licensed version can work ?

by HsiaoFen
1,497410/06/2009 06:37AM
Last Post by florodebat

Actionscript 2 support

by ffot
1,671210/06/2009 06:33AM
Last Post by florodebat

using existing .fla file

by breakthru
1,791210/06/2009 06:22AM
Last Post by florodebat

Font size scale probleme

by srfc35
1,482310/06/2009 06:10AM
Last Post by florodebat

Google indexing issue

by MihaiBB
1,464109/30/2009 10:19AM
Last Post by MihaiBB

Adding show/hide effects to a video

by stan1
1,333109/29/2009 05:23PM
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Example Request: Simple Transition Tracking

by pheral
1,581109/28/2009 07:22PM
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Optimization tips

by Liquidus
1,405209/25/2009 08:05PM
Last Post by Liquidus

Possible to make Eff2 conform to timeline durations?

by grossmat
1,823309/23/2009 05:53PM
Last Post by grossmat

Timeline control w/ FlashEff

by jsslanders
1,643209/23/2009 11:13AM
Last Post by Ionut

FlashEff2 code

by yujitsu
1,598209/23/2009 06:19AM
Last Post by Ionut

Free version limitations?

by DiegoTHW
1,581309/23/2009 04:45AM
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Invalid Username/Password

by kody
2,080209/18/2009 12:27PM
Last Post by Ionut

Text Effects Bugs

by digitalchaos
1,572409/18/2009 05:50AM
Last Post by Ionut

Major Update

by digitalchaos
1,436209/18/2009 05:48AM
Last Post by Ionut

FlashEff 2 and Flex support

by mianor
1,518209/17/2009 08:31PM
Last Post by mianor

Effect not showing when exporting as a movie file (.mov)

by potterphx
1,485209/16/2009 06:11AM
Last Post by Ionut

text aligns incorrectly

by nitrospectide
1,576609/16/2009 06:10AM
Last Post by Ionut

FECNavigateToURL not working if target is _self or left empty

by nlmedia
1,497309/14/2009 02:46PM
Last Post by nlmedia

flash eff logo flashes when going between pages fast

by groupj
1,738909/14/2009 11:33AM
Last Post by socalfish

Using FE Buttons to create timeline controls (not FLV, but timeline)

by tphoto
1,518409/11/2009 08:44AM
Last Post by Ionut